What an unprecedented year this has been!

Have you made the needed shifts? Are you where you want to be?

Our Strategic Planning Packages will put you on the right track to end the year stronger than ever.

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With the world suddenly thrust into chaos, are you running your business, or is it running you?

Have you taken time in ALL AREAS of your business to develop NEW STRATEGIES and FOCUS AREAS that allow you to grow in today's environment?

Our VIP Strategic Planning Programs take a deep dive into the following areas, to ensure we look at ALL the things that help your business grow, increase your revenue, and create more time for YOU to LIVE LIFE!


Here are some of the areas we dive into:

  • Business overview / company structure
  • Company differentiator or “uniquifier”
  • Vision
  • Team members / staff
  • Office operations 
  • Client onboarding process
  • Target market(s)
  • Prospecting strategies 
  • Sources of revenue
  • Detailed P&L review
  • Marketing and PR initiatives 
  • Client communication & client engagement initiatives
  • Strengths & opportunities of the team & each team member
  • Market & firm opportunities 


We then develop a customized plan which includes the following:

  • Overall goals
  • Sources and streams of revenue
  • Expense planning & budgeting
  • Business & prospecting strategies
  • Personal & professional growth plan
  • Detailed quarterly goals and focus areas
  • Customized strategies to achieve these goals
  • Marketing & client engagement plan
  • Accountability plan

NOT QUITE READY for personalized help?

We have developed a Do-It-Yourself version just for you! You won’t get our fantastic input or advice….and all those custom strategies we could develop for you will have to wait! HOWEVER, this is a great place to start if your prior strategic plans haven't measured up the way they should.

Do-It-Yourself Planning Guide ($100)

Designed for those do-it-yourselfers not yet ready for guidance & input in the planning process.
- Strategic Planning Template 
- Do-It-Yourself Guide to help you develop your own strategic plan
DIY Planning Guide

VIP Planning Program ($2500)

Designed for executives and business owners looking for guidance & accountability to help them soar.
- Pre-planning questionnaire to maximize time during the strategy session
- 90-minute strategy session (via phone) with Kristin Andree
- Creation & delivery of personalized 12-month plan
- Customized recommendations for business & personal growth
- Quarterly calls (3) to review prior quarter's goals and develop next quarter's focus areas 
- Accountability around plan execution
VIP Planning Program

VIP Team Planning Program ($5000)

Designed for Leaders, Business Owners, and their Teams - to ensure complete buy in & strategic plans for each member.
- Pre-planning prep call with leader
- Half day discovery meeting & strategy session with full team (facilitated by Kristin Andree)
- Creation & delivery of personalized 12-month plan
- Customized recommendations for business & personal growth, for leader & key team members
- Quarterly plan reviews (3) with leader/team (via phone) to review prior quarter's goals and develop next quarter's focus areas 
Accountability around plan execution
VIP Team Planning

*Additional travel fee will be billed for teams outside Atlanta who request in-person strategy sessions.

About Kristin Andree

Chief Strategist

After a successful career as an Advisor and Managing Director in the financial services industry, Kristin Andree has taken the knowledge she gained and put her expertise to work helping individuals & corporations on a broader scale.

As a strategic coach, Kristin works with individuals and teams to help catapult their businesses. She develops customized strategies to help you live life on your terms.....while having more success than you’ve ever imagined. She brings her strategies to life as an entertaining and sought after speaker, as well as the author of the book “Don’t Make Me Pull This Car Over: a Roadmap for the Working Mom.” She is a Certified Trainer and a Master Certified Coach.

Kristin & her family reside in Atlanta, GA. She treasures every moment she spends with her three (sometimes wacky & always loud!) daughters: Bailey, Mia and Kennedy. She holds a 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo, and has won a handful of State & District titles in forms, weapons, combat weapons & sparring. Most recently, Kristin took home the bronze medal in sparring in the 2017 ATA World Championships.

Other than time with family and friends, and beating up on people, the beach, music, fashion and great food & drink are sure to put a smile on Kristin’s face!


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