It's time to Step Up - Stand Out - Scale

Success Blueprint is a 5 week course where you will learn strategies to customize to fit your business.

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Have you ever had any of these challenges in your business?


  • Standing out - and I mean truly standing out - in a crowded marketplace?
  • Creating an endless influx of referrals and new business (ones you don’t even have to ask for!)?
  • Engaging your clients and customers, and treating them like VIPs?
  • Creating fiercely loyal, raving fans for your business?
  • Implementing systems and structures that ensure continued growth?
  • Building an engaged, efficient, and productive team?


Far too often, business owners and professionals fail to grow their businesses, and revenue, as fast as they could because they are stuck in OLD SCHOOL strategies that, although they may have gotten you here, certainly aren’t going to get you there!


Have you attended workshops, taken courses, or worked with a coach, yet...

  • You were taught business development methods that didn’t fit you or your business?
  • You sought out new strategies...but found out it was a different wrapper on the same old stuff?
  • The approaches you were taught seemed unauthentic and canned?


That’s what it was like for me at the start of my career - and for so many others after launching their business. So...I set out on a journey. I read the books, watched the videos, took the courses, and listened to and studied every hot speaker I could get access. I did absolutely ALL THE THINGS!


Sure, it all got me PUMPED & FIRED UP...but once the dust settled, and the excitement wore off, most left me without any real strategies or sustainable solutions. Most were the same ‘ole thing, repurposed. No one was giving me anything new. No one was offering their audience the opportunity to customize the strategies they implemented. It was all or nothing. Their way or the highway! So, most cool ideas that folks picked up, fell flat. I decided to change all that!


When I launched my coaching firm in 2009, I vowed I wouldn’t let this continue to happen to anyone. So, I developed NEW, CREATIVE strategies that aren’t re-packaged, cookie cutter or old school.


The strategies covered in Success Blueprint are moldable,
& I teach them so you can customize them to fit YOU....


your unique skills, your strengths & your market.

Plus - you have access to me, and to our amazing community members,
so we can grow TOGETHER, and cheer each other on in our successes.


You will see greater engagement and less frustration....
and the ability for prospecting to become effortless will have you
off the hamster wheel and ready to create lasting, sustainable growth! 


You will scale, QUICK!

Are you ready?

It's time to Step Up - Stand Out - Scale

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5 Weekly Modules

including Masterclasses and Print-outs

Week 1

  • What is a Uniquifier
  • Discovering Your Uniquifier
  • Seeing a Uniquifier in Action

Week 2

  • Why You Need to Identify Your People
  • Know, Find & Connect with Your People
  • You’re Not for Everyone

Week 3

  • Why Segmentation is a MUST for every business
  • How to segment efficiently & effectively 
  • Segmentation helped these folks EXPLODE

Week 4

  • Connection is key
  • The NEW rules for engaging clients, prospects & centers-of-influence
  • Step up and stand out in your market

Week 5

  • It all means nothing unless you do something
  • Creating & implementing systems that work
  • Why multi-tasking won’t work


  • Conducting Virtual Meetings
  • Conducting Virtual Client Events
  • Exclusive, private Facebook Group
  • Live Q&A sessions

The Success Blueprint Course is the answer
you've been waiting for.

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What people are saying...

T. Bui - Video Production

"Following the Success Blueprint strategies to elevate my video production business has been a game-changer. It has helped me focus, plan and execute in a way that aligns with my goals and generates real results. The personalized feedback I received from Kristin was instrumental in really ramping up. It’s worth investing in this expert. Even better, Kristin has stayed invested in me long after the course by checking on my progress and providing lots of great tips. If your business needs a boost, you need this rock star." 

T. Gallagher - Owner/Principal, Financial Services

"Kristin has a broad knowledge of financial services and how best to work with advisors to ensure they are using the newest, most effective methods for communicating with their clients and accessing the best markets. I highly recommend her coaching and courses to my advisors and also endorse her excellent speaking skills."

L. McDonald - Artist

"I’m an artist and an entrepreneur. I worked with Kristin through private coaching to implement the Success Blueprint strategies, and was blown away by the very creative strategies she brought to the table. In our one-on-one work, she had me pair down some of the things I was doing. I admit, it was uncomfortable, but it worked! Not only did she have some great ideas, but she held me to them! I felt like she understood me, the work I do, and my goals. She’s insightful and although we have different skill-sets I never felt like she tried to make me into someone I’m not. It was exactly what I needed! Well worth the investment."

It's time to Step Up - Stand Out - Scale

Get Success Blueprint

Meet Kristin

After a successful career as an Advisor and Managing Director in the financial services industry, Kristin Andree has taken the knowledge she gained and put her expertise to work helping individuals & corporations on a broader scale.

As a strategic coach, Kristin works with individuals and teams to help catapult their businesses. She develops customized strategies to help you live life on your terms.....while having more success than you’ve ever imagined. She brings her strategies to life as an entertaining and sought after speaker, as well as the author of the book “Don’t Make Me Pull This Car Over: a Roadmap for the Working Mom.” She is a Certified Trainer and a Master Certified Coach.



You have 2 choices:

Success Blueprint Course


  • 5 Weekly Modules
  • Exclusive Access to a Private Facebook Group
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Complimentary 6 Month access to Success Blueprint Community

Success Blueprint Course + 3 Months Private Coaching


  • Access to All 5 Weekly Modules
  • Exclusive Access to a Private Facebook Group
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Complimentary 6 Month access to Success Blueprint Community
  • 3 Months of 1-on-1 bi-weekly coaching sessions to customize and implement strategies learned in Success Blueprint