The Academy for Financial Advisors


The cutting edge six-week coaching program focused on target marketing, prospecting, and client engagement, that will help you master client attraction and gain greater efficiency, all while increasing revenue, having more fun, and making a lasting impact with your clients.

The summer cohort kicks off in July.


The Academy for Financial Advisors

The brand new six-week coaching program focused on target marketing, prospecting, and client engagement, that will help you master prospecting, gain greater efficiency, and increase your production all while increasing your bottom line and making an impact with your clients.


Unlock Growth in Your Advisory Practice


Learn the strategies top advisors use to attract and retain their A+ clients. 

The Academy provides in-depth content and coaching to help you gain clarity on your target markets as well as to identify and engage your ideal prospects. We teach you the exact strategies our top advisors are leveraging for unparalleled client acquisition, engagement, and retention. We guide you in developing customized systems that work to elevate your practice and teach cutting-edge strategies that allow you to enjoy repeatable & sustainable growth.

The Academy for Financial Advisors is a 6-week self-paced program that is delivered virtually (and available on demand for a full year). Even better - it has a LIVE group coaching component, to ensure you make the most of your experience. 
It's the best of both worlds!


Facilitated by Kristin Andree - "The Advisor's Advisor."

Psssst.... Did we mention Kristin is a proud member of the Forbes Coaches Council?

You're in the right place if you are...


...brand new to the financial industry and are ready to create a sustainable plan for client acquisition, engagement, and retention

...a seasoned financial advisor looking for new and innovative ways to attract a constant flow of new clients into your practice advisory firm leader who wants to grow your firm and create one-of-a-kind experiences for your advisors 


As a "recovering advisor," I've been at each of these stages and can guarantee you that had I known then the strategies I will teach you in the Academy, things would have been MUCH different for me - I would have scaled BIGGER and FASTER, all while having WAY more fun!


The Academy for Financial Advisors is designed to take the guesswork out of building a thriving & sustainable practice.

By the end of the
Academy for Financial Advisors,
you will have...


Uncovered Your Superpowers: Your "Uniquifier."

You'll have your goals and vision clearly defined so you know exactly what it is you bring to the table and how you bring it - your superpower. And the unique factor that helps you stand out from other advisors, and  makes your ideal clients want to work with you.

A plan for how you will attract your ideal clients.

You'll know how to confidently forge your way to ideal client acquisition, by creating a repeatable, sustainable process. We teach you more than a dozen prospecting & business development strategies used by the nation's top advisors, and help you determine what is a fit for YOU. 

A plan for how you will serve each of your clients.

We help you clarify what your clients are looking for in their advisor so you can to ensure perfect alignment between you, your clients and how to best serve them. We also cover the importance of client segmentation and help you solidify your "fair but not equal" service and engagement  model.

A brand new and exclusive client experience.

Embracing my "Love 'Em Hard" philosophy will be easy when you learn how to create an exclusive client experience for each segment of your client base. You will also uncover a whole new way to attract and engage strategic partners and A+ referrals.

What's inside

Academy for Financial Advisors

A 6-week transformative experience custom built for financial advisors.

Cookie-cutter approaches to prospecting and client engagement don't cut it anymore. 


Relying on conventional "Who do you know?" prospecting methods won't yield the results you need and deserve. Plus - your friends, family and clients absolutely HATE IT!

Times have changed and people are wanting and expecting more when it comes to financial advisors and the services they provide.

Never fear...Your perfect clients are out there looking for you. In our 6-week academy, you'll clarify your ideal client, and learn how to attract and retain them - all while delivering exceptional service. 

We'll help you uncover your "uniquifier" (according to the Andree Dictionary¬†ūüėČ).... the unique factor that ONLY YOU bring to the table when it comes to attracting and serving your clients.¬†Added bonus, leveraging your "uniquifier"¬†helps you attract even more prospects - without even trying!

Once you pinpoint your ideal client and identify your superpowers, you'll then create a strategy to find them and keep them. The truth is, finding them is only half the battle. It takes consistency, engagement and connection to retain those clients. In the Academy, I'll teach you more than a dozen of the best prospecting and client engagement strategies in the industry.

Lisa W.


Kristin Andree's academy and coaching was truly instrumental in our team's development and business growth. Her well-structured approach provided valuable insights and guidance, contributing to our continued success. A truly beneficial experience and would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to level up their business strategy!

Matt L.

The Academy was just what we needed to jumpstart¬†our¬†firm into a ‚Äúrenewed‚ÄĚ focus for moving forward with our business goals. The program was comprehensive and we were able to look at these goals from a new angle. We came away with more focused strategies and a clearer understanding of our clients and prospects. Thanks to Kristin, it was easy and fun!

Catherine A.

The Academy for Financial Advisors was just what we needed to jumpstart CAIM into a ‚Äúrenewed‚ÄĚ focus for moving forward with our business goals. The program was comprehensive and we were able to look at these goals from a new angle. We came away with more focused strategies and a clearer understanding of our clients and prospects. Thanks to Kristin, it was easy and fun!

Ashlan R.

I had the privilege of participating in Kristin Andree's Academy, and I must say, it was an incredibly empowering and knowledge-filled experience that left an indelible mark on my entrepreneurial journey. From the very start, Kristin's passion for guiding business professionals towards success was palpable.

You know it's time to do something DIFFERENT

and the Academy for Financial Advisors is the opportunity you have been looking for.

One Time Payment




3 Monthly Payments of



Just one new client will more than cover your investment in the Academy!
(Although we're sure you'll gain many more.)

You'll get:

 > 6 weekly modules

where you'll go in-depth to discover your uniquifier, your ideal client and what they want, and develop a strategy for how to wow them. Modules are the perfect blend of information, video lessons and worksheets.

 > 6 live group coaching calls

where you'll meet with Kristin and the group to get your questions answered and receive real-time customized coaching. Calls kick off Thursday, July 18th and happen every Thursday at 2pm EST throughout the Academy. (Calls are totally optional but our Academy graduates tell us they are insanely helpful!)

 > a client acquisition strategy 

you can use over and over again to attract the clients you love and who align perfectly with you and your practice.

 > a client retention strategy

you can use to wow your clients and that allows you to form a deep connection with them, creating a whole new opportunity for unsolicited referrals.

Plus These Bonuses to Help You

Build a Thriving Practice


Bonus Courses and Content  

In-depth mini-courses and expert interviews with leading industry professionals.

What You'll Get:

  • Leveraging LinkedIn Mini-Course:¬†LinkedIn strategies to help you attract & engage your ideal clients
  • Leveraging AI Course: Discover how AI can¬†revolutionize your business
  • Client¬†Gifting Course: Elevate your gifting & engagement strategy
  • Client Events Course: Your guide to¬†planning &¬†executing exceptional client events
  • Expert Interviews:¬†on topics such as podcasting, social media, video messaging and more with some of the¬†industry's¬†leading experts

Plus, an exclusive offer to join the Advisor Success Circle, a community for advisors full of content to keep you ahead of industry trends.


When you add it all together...

that's a real-world value of over $8,000.




One Time Payment




3 Monthly Payments of



Just one new client will more than cover your investment in the Academy!
(Although we're sure you'll gain many more.)


I can't wait for you to join the

Academy for Financial Advisors

Y'all...this is THE OPPORTUNITY you have been craving! I cannot tell you how freakin' excited I get seeing my advisor clients & Academy participants dramatically scale their practices & have fun in the process. 

This¬†immersive 6-week self-paced¬†Academy IS IT!!! My promise to you is that you will learn new (compliant) strategies that make ‚ÄúWho do you know?‚ÄĚ prospecting a thing of the past!¬†You'll fill your pipeline with endless¬†A+ prospects, and will learn how to genuinely and creatively engage your current clients to kick your client satisfaction & retention into overdrive.

It's time for you to GROW DIFFERENTLY!

 Still on the fence?


The Academy for Financial Advisors y is PERFECT for you if you are ready to kiss yucky & difficult prospecting tactics goodbye forever and are ready to attract the perfect clients regularly and effortlessly.

I've been in your seat, and I have also coached some of the top advisors in the country, teaching them the exact tactics you'll learn inside the Academy. They've seen massive growth in their practice....and, so can you!.



One Time Payment




3 Monthly Payments of



Just one new client will more than cover your investment in the Academy!
(Although we're sure you'll gain TONS more.)

Meet Kristin Andree, the Advisor's Advisor

I've been where you are. When I became an Advisor over 2 decades ago, I had no idea what I was doing and it took me what felt like forever to build up a strong foundation as an advisor. Once I found my groove, my business started thriving. Here's a hint: I had to embrace and leverage what made me different from others in order to scale. 

Through my years of coaching and consulting, I've helped thousands of advisors break through the barriers that kept them stagnant so they could step up, stand out and scale. Now I'm ready to help you do the same.

As a high performance coach, author, speaker, podcaster, and ‚Äútell it like it is‚ÄĚ business strategist, I am obsessed with helping others grow personally, professionally, and financially. Fair warning‚ĶI call it like I see it, will challenge you to level up, and promise (quite enthusiastically) to become your biggest cheerleader.¬†

Let's do this!